When Oceans Rise | Part 3 | When Oceans Rise 19 Nov 23

How do you navigate the storms of Life? When ocean waves rise, when the rains and winds drive against you – what do you do? Noah trusted that God would care for him and his family. He moved forward in obedience, one nail, one board at a time and God delivered him as promised. #GCWhenOceansRise

Not only did Noah do what God told him to do…
God did what God said He would do!


  1. Followers of Jesus Christ have perfect security in Him.
  2. God is so gracious to us!
  3. There is an end to grace.


And then they all sounded off together: FREEDOM!!!


How to navigate the storms of life:

  1. Like Noah, do everything that God commands you to do.
  2. Work as though it all depends on you, but pray as if it all depends on God.
  3. Worship while you wait.
  4. Always remember: If God brings you to it, He will always see you through it.


Clay Weed

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