When Oceans Rise | Part 4 | The Covenant and the Curse 26 Nov 23

Does God keep His promises? Does He ever change? God has made certain promises or “covenants” in the past that demonstrate that He can be trusted. Our choice is to lean in and trust Him and live lives of blessing, or to walk away and live in the curse of sin. This decision will impact generations to come. Join us as we look at “The Covenant and the Curse”. #GCWhenOceansRise

A tale of two families:
*it has nothing to do with privilege


What’s the point?
Can we really trust God?


An eternal and unchanging agreement between God and humanity where certain actions are required from both parties.


Five Major Covenants:

  1. Noah (Genesis 9:9) – Mercy and Grace
  2. Abraham (Genesis 17:2) – the Nation & Inheritance
  3. Moses (Exodus 19:5) – the Law
  4. David (Samuel 7:12-16) – the Kingdom
  5. Jesus Christ (Luke 22:20) – the Blood of AtonementThey all build on each other!


A new covenant allowed for a new way to relate to God.


If Ham mocked Noah… then Noah shouldpunish Ham


Idiom: An idiosyncratic saying that has a special, often non-literal, meaning within a given language or culture: “That test was a piece of cake!”


A couple of questions…

  1. Ham was already married, so why do this with his mom?
  2. Why did Noah curse Canaan, not Ham?


Why, Ham? Why?!

  • 2 Samuel, chapters 15 and 16
    • Absalom publicly slept with David’s concubines:
      • to disrespect the king
      • to assert his own leadership
  • Genesis 9:22
    • Ham publicly slept with Noah’s wife (his mother):
      • to disrespect his father
      • to assert his own leadership


Canaan received the curse?

  • Canaan was born from this agreement to usurp Noah’s authority
  • Noah squashed this rebellion by cursing the “seal” of the agreement
  • Canaan would be a servant of the family for his whole life


What did we learn? Our sin is more than just our problem:

  • It harms our parents
  • It harms our spouses
  • It harms our siblings
  • It harms our descendants far into the future
    • The Canaanites were beyond redemption (Deuteronomy 20:16-17)
  • Our choices have consequences that continue into future generations of our families
  • Our patterns of sin become generational curses
  • Our sin enslaves us, but also our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren


It runs in families:

  • Addiction
  • Hatred
  • Anxiety
  • Greed
  • Abuse
  • Rage
  • Sexual Immorality


Ask yourself: “If I allow this into my life,am I cursing my family through mygreat-grandchildren?”


What is the solution to generational sin?


Forgiveness stops generational sin:

  • Forgiveness fills your family with blessings
  • If you forgive, the cycle can stop with you
  • Obeying God’s Word protects your family for a thousand generations


Generational sin curses are voluntary.


Our next steps:

  • Identify your generational curses
  • Forgive your dad and your mom
  • Come to Celebrate Recovery, seriously
  • Let Jesus nail your curse to the cross


עָוֹן – avon: The ongoing guilt or punishment for sins


The choice: 

“I’m gonna keep my curse and pass it on to my children”

“I’m gonna forgive and let Jesus nail it to the cross”


“My generational curse ends today, with me!”


Jeff Lindholm

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