The Wild, Wild West 22 Jan 17

What happens when we make up our own rules and live by our own standards? Anarchy. What happens when we reject the knowledge of God? Spiritual anarchy – followed by God’s justice. Join us we look into a difficult but essential passage in the book of Romans.

The history of mankind in 3 words:

  1. Revelation
  2. Exchange
  3. Spiral


God’s wrath is revealed in 2 ways:

  1. The deliberate judgment against sin.
  2. The natural consequences of sin.
  1. If you were diagnosed with terminal cancer, would you:
    • a. Do nothing.
    • b. Pray that God heals it.
    • c. Have it surgically removed.
    • d. Both b and c.
  2. In Romans 1:18 – 3:20, Paul needed to address the spiritual cancer of mankind, our sin. Discuss why this diagnosis is important and necessary.
  3. Read Romans 1:18-20. How has God revealed himself to mankind?
  4. Read Romans 1:21-25 – The Dark Exchange. What has mankind done with this knowledge of God? Complete the words Paul uses:
    • v. 18     s_______________          v. 26     e_______________
    • v. 23     e_______________          v. 27     a_______________
    • v. 25     e_______________
  5. How does God respond to mankind’s “dark exchange”? Are the wrath of God and God “giving someone” over to sin the same thing? What does that look like?
  6. Read Romans 1:26-32. This section of scripture details what the world looks like when God “gives them over” to sin. Put simply, there is a downward spiral of sin. Identify and discuss these areas of the downward spiral:
    • Moral perversion (vv. 24-27)
    • Moral depravity (vv. 28-31)
    • Complete impenitence (v. 32)
  7. When people reject the knowledge of God, how does that affect the nation? What happens to them as individuals? Can you cite specific examples?
  8. What hope do we have as individual Christians? In other words, where do we go from here.


Troy Knight

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