Your Serve 14 Apr 19

(Message 2) Today we look at two encounters with Jesus, and two basins of water. Before Jesus went to the cross He served His disciples by washing their feet. Hours later, He was beaten and judged by Pilate, who washed his own hands of the responsibility of Jesus. Jesus instructs us to serve with the same humility as He did. How’s your serve? #CloseEncountersWithJesus

Improving your serve:

  1. Serve at home.
  2. Serve at work.
  3. Serve at church.

Download and Print PDF of Questions

1) Read Matthew 27:11-26, John 13:2-5, and John 13:12-15. As you reflect on these verses, what stands out the most to you? Why?

2) As you reflect on the message, what one principle or insight stands out as being particularly



difficult to grasp?


3) What do the passages and the message teach you about God? What do they teach you about yourself?

4) How could the next week be different if you incorporated these truths into your life?

For further discussion:

What was the significance of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples?

Who was Pontius Pilate?

Why did the crowds shout, “Crucify Him!” when Pilate wanted to release Jesus?


Troy Knight

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