You’re Ready

God has designed each of us uniquely. Others may have even called us “gifted” in some area where we are talented. But there’s more to us than our natural strengths. When we place our faith in Jesus Christ, He transforms us and gives us a “spiritual gift” designed to be used for Him in building up and serving others. Join us as we look into Romans chapter 12.

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Who we are:

  1. A living sacrifice
  2. Transformed, not conformed


How we live now:

  1. You have a gift(s) from God.
    • What am I most passionate about doing?
  2. It’s time to use your gifts to advance God’s Kingdom.

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  1.  The first 11 chapters of Romans have been intense! (See summary below.) Share with your Small Group one topic or truth from Romans that has stuck with you the most. Why?
    • Romans 1-11 Topical Summary
      • Partners in the Gospel
      • Everyone needs the Gospel
      • The Gospel requires faith, offers peace, delivers from sin, delivers from the Law, brings new life in the Spirit, and is always based on God’s sovereignty
  2. Read Romans 12:1-2. Paul begins by urging Christians to be a “living sacrifice”. What does this mean? How does “true and proper worship” go beyond attending church and singing praises to God (corporate worship)?
  3. What does it mean to “conform to the pattern of this world”? Give some examples of what this looks like. Read and discuss this D.L. Moody quotation, “The problem with a living sacrifice is that it keeps crawling off the altar.”
  4. Paul urges believers to be “transformed by the renewing of your mind”. What does it mean to be “transformed”?  What role do we play in having this transformed mindset? What role does that mindset play in our true and proper worship”?
  5. Read Romans 12:3-8. Why is it important for individual believers to use their unique gifts in the body of Christ? How can you discover what your gifts are?
  6. What is your dream job in the body of Christ? (Take time within your group to point out each other’s strengths as a way to encourage one another to look more deeply into your individual spiritual giftedness.)
  7. Discuss ways that you can use your gifts to glorify God – not just in the life of the church, but also in the community in which you live. Discuss ways your group can combine its spiritual gifts in order to become more involved in serving the body and the community. Develop a plan of action for implementing one or more of your ideas.

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