Zacchaeus 16 Jul 17

(Message 3) Curiosity can be the beginning of something new. In the case of Zacchaeus, a short tax collector, it led to a changed life and new calling. Join us as we see how Jesus gave Zacchaeus a better story.


  • Wealthy
  • Chief tax collector
  • Vertically challenged


Anatomy of a better story – Zacchaeus:

  1. Begins with curiosity
  2. Leads to genuine repentance
  3. Ends with calling

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  1. If you could pick an ideal height, how tall would you choose to be? Why?
  2. Read Luke 19:1-4. Why was Zacchaeus in the tree?
  3. Read Luke 19:5-7.  Why did Jesus invite himself to the home of Zacchaeus? How do you think Zacchaeus felt in that moment?  What was the reaction of the people?
  4. Read Jesus’ parable in Luke 18:9-14. How does the people’s reaction in Luke 19 compare to the reaction of the Pharisee in the parable? To whom can you relate the most, the people, the Pharisee, or the tax collector/Zacchaeus?
  5. Oftentimes we find ourselves classifying people according to their level of sin or the appearance of sin. Why do we do that? How can we stop?
  6. Read Luke 19:8-10.  What motivated Zacchaeus to make restitution to those whom he had cheated?  If you are a follower of Jesus, discuss some ways God has called you to make restitution. Are there some circumstances for which you still need to make restitution? What are they and what is standing in your way?
  7. Read Luke 18:18-23. How does Zacchaeus compare with and differ from the rich young ruler?
  8. Re-read Luke 19:10. Discuss Jesus’ mission. How does Jesus invite us to join him on that mission?  What can you do in your daily life to join Jesus?
  9. John Calvin wrote, “Curiosity and simplicity are a sort of preparation for faith.”  Discuss the importance of curiosity and simplicity in gaining a better story.
  10. How is our self-righteousness getting in the way of having an even better story? What steps can you take to change that?

Daily Scripture Readings:

Day1:   Matthew 21:28-32, Deuteronomy 29:29

Day 2:  Matthew 23:1-12

Day 3:  Matthew 23:13-21, Psalm 14:2

Day 4:  Matthew 23:22-27, Zechariah 1:3

Day 5:  Matthew 3:1-12

Day 6: Luke 10:38-42

Day 7:  Matthew 5:13-16, Luke 5:27-32




Troy Knight