Life is better connected. We believe that you can’t do life alone. At Generations, small groups are how a crowd becomes a community and how we grow in relationship with God and those around us. Groups focus their discussion time around Sunday's message, so we refer to them as sermon-based small groups.

Small Group CONNECT is an event for all adults at Generations that are not in a small group. You'll find out more about groups and be able to connect to a group that will work for you.

To get more information click "More Info." and someone will be in touch soon. If you ready to sign up for our Small Group CONNECT on January 13th at 12:30pm at Generations, click "Sign Me Up" and you'll receive a confirmation email.

You can always find discussion questions for our sermon-based groups here:

FYI: Small Groups are currently on Christmas break.  We have some general questions posted.  We will have a full set of questions starting the week of January 6th.

Small Group Opportunities

We have something for everyone! You can find some descriptions of our types of groups on this page. Our Celebrate Recovery Friday Night group meets all year round.

What Can I Expect?

Small groups are all about people taking next steps together. Groups meet weekly and have a leader that facilitates the discussion and offers up questions for the group to answer. The goal for all of your group meetings is to identify your next step and encourage each other in taking next steps.

Is childcare provided?

Every group is different. Some groups have the children attend and hire a sitter.  Some groups prefer to not have children at their meetings and each member provides their own childcare.  Our middle school and high school students have the opportunity to participate in GC YOUTH home groups.

While most group situations allow for children to be cared for with minimal cost or no cost, we recognize this isn't always a possibility. We may be able to assist with childcare costs while you go to small group. Some limitations apply--see the reimbursement application.

When and where do groups meet?

Groups meet in homes, businesses, restaurants, and right here at Generations. If you are interested in hosting a group, please call Cindy Bliss, our small group director, at 910-454-9302 ext. 108. Every group chooses a different time to meet, so if a certain day of the week works better for you be sure to share that when our small group team member gives you a call.

How long do groups last?

Every group is different. Most groups are ongoing sermon-based groups that take breaks around the holidays and take Summers off. Special short-term groups are made available throughout the year. These address finances, marriage enrichment, and those with questions about faith.

Why do we love small groups?

Group Types Explained

Married Couples

These sermon-based groups are for couples in the same stage of life. You can find a group for couples with or without kids, or based on age.

Ladies' or Men's

Men and ladies can find same-gender groups filled with people in various stages of life. There are sermon-based groups that meet during the day or in the evening.


This sermon-based group is for those in and around their twenties that meets on Sunday nights at 6 PM. This is a mixed gender group and they meet at Casey Samuel and Casey Lauren's home in Rivermist.

GC Youth Groups

These groups are for junior high and high school students. Groups at GC Youth are same gender and by grade.

25-35 year olds

This is a sermon-based group for those who are approximately between the ages of 25-35ish years old.  This is a mixed gender group of married and engaged couples as well as singles.  They meet at 6:30 PM on Tuesday nights at a home in Southport.

40's and up Mixed Group

This is a 40's and up group of singles and couples.  This is a mixed gender group that will come together on Tuesday nights at the home of Matt and Ramona in Southport to discuss the Sermon-Based questions.