Digging Deeper “How to” for the Discussion Questions

Here’s our plan for the Digging Deeper section:

Let’s dig deeper into Scripture by doing a form of inductive Bible study.  We are going to take a passage through some steps (ABC’s and 1, 2, 3’s).  This week we have everything filled in for you as an example. Next week you’ll have the opportunity to dig deeper into another passage with your small group.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide your study.  Here’s the process:

Use commentaries to help answer the ABC’s.

  • A=Author
  • B=Background
  • C=Context

Use your Bibles, Bible dictionaries to help answer the 1, 2, 3’s.

Step 1 – Observation:  What does the passage say?  

Read the passage.  Ask questions like: Who? What happened? What was taught? When? Where? How? Why?  Write down the literal facts.

Step Two – Interpretation:  What does it mean?  

Seek a more in-depth understanding.  Be careful to find the meaning of the verse in its context.  Use a Bible dictionary, footnotes, or read a different translation.

Step Three- Application:  How does it apply to my life?

What does it mean to me? What are the lessons or spiritual principles to follow and obey?