GC Youth, a generation seeking God.

At GC Youth we're dedicated to providing a place for youth to seek God, find lasting friendships, and learn from older, committed leaders.

GC Youth Calendar

Here is our Wednesday night Summer calendar for this month, but it's only half the story. We've created special events as well so you'll need to join us on Wednesdays to get the details!

Don't be bored, hang out with us!

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All students are encouraged to attend worship on Sundays and volunteer to serve at Generations on Sunday as well. On Wednesday nights during the school year, we've created three ways to get involved.

Show up for the next Youth Night!

Youth Nights only occur at the beginning of every new church message series (roughly every 4-6 weeks, see calendar) and allow interested youth to sign-up for a home group. They will be scheduled for a Wednesday night at 6:30.

So join us for music, a relevant message, and controlled madness. Everyone is invited: parents, youth in home groups, and youth who have never been to Generations.

You need to sign-up for a Home Group.

Home Groups happen in homes near Generations. Youth MUST attend the next Youth Night and sign-up for a group of their choice in order in a group. Groups will close after sign-ups until the next Youth Night. Youth who are not signed up will not be able to participate in a group.

Group leaders and hosts are committed, trusted adults who have passed a background check. Groups are co-ed, however, girls and guys will be separated for prayer time, accountability, and sharing.

Middle School (grades 6-8)

Wednesdays Nights during the school year.

Drop off 6-6:30pm and pick-up 7:30pm

High School (grades 9-12)

Wednesdays Nights during the school year.

Drop off 6-6:30pm and pick-up 7:45pm

Step up and serve through #ServeBoCo!

ServeBoCo (a.k.a. Serve Brunswick County) is an opportunity to give back to our community through special projects. Parents and any youth interested, whether in a Home Group or not, can just show up and be part of a project.