Pride Test

Pride Test from Troy’s message “Humility Over Arrogance”

The Pride Test:
(1 pt. = never!… 2… 3… 4… 5 pts. = always!)

On all of these score 1 to 5, 1 being I never do this, 5 being I do this all time

  1. I am constantly late…it’s ok to be late occasionally but if constantly late
  2. I interrupt others all the time….if people say to you interrupt
  3. My choices are the most reasonable.  (When family and friends are in the car and have to make a choice on going out to eat my choice is most reasonable and everyone else is stupid for disagreeing)
  4. I complain all the time.  I complain about food, weather, customer service, other driving, bad sermons
  5. I never apologize or when I do it’s done sarcastically
  6. I constantly put others down
  7. Multiply the number of selfies you took this week by 1 (max of 5 pts.)

-add up your number

*how did you do? 

-highest possible score is 35